By: George Wilson, Staff Reporter
Commenting on the US aggression that targeted the private Syrian armed forces airport Friday morning last, leading Syrian journalist Hosein Mortada has released a ten point statement from the leadership of the Joint Operations  (Russian, Iranian, and Syrian forces) in Syria:

1. The American aggression against Syria is to overcome a serious assault on the sovereignty of the people traveled the Syrian state, which is condemned, which proves once again wrong accounts and American options.

2. This aggression is a great injustice and adoption of injustice on Syria, at a time when all the world on behalf of the multinational fight against terrorism six years ago and paid a heavy price from the blood of their sons to achieve victory over those terrorists savages.

3. We condemn any targeting of civilians, whatever they were, and what happened in Khan also condemned Shaikhoun, despite our belief that the mastermind of some countries and organizations do, to be taken as a pretext to attack Syria,

4. Who supports armed terrorist groups trained and funded by Kdaash and the victory and Mlhakathma of extremist groups, and supports the aggressor on the legitimate rights of the peoples of the region and used dozens of times a veto against the Palestinian people’s rights, is not entitled to present himself as a defender of human rights and claims of jealousy on the dignity of the peoples of the region, especially in Syria, Iraq and Palestine.

5. America’s arrogant did not wait for permission from one not affiliated countries respected under the Dome of the United Nations, and before making the results of the investigation in the case of Khan Shaikhoun attacked Syria and declared brazenly about the attack.

6. We are not unaware of what America is seeking to achieve in northern Syria and north-western Iraq, and they should know that we monitor all their steps and movements and Antapahm accurately, and attempt to control these geographical spot, makes them illegal forces to occupy Syria’s sovereign territory.

7. What the United States of aggression against Syria is to exceed the red lines,
it is now on we will respond strongly to any aggression and any bypass the red lines by anyone and America know our ability to respond well.

8. America did this will not deter us from the fight against terrorism and eliminate it, and we will continue our fight alongside the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian-friendly armed forces, and we will work with them to liberate all Syrian territory from an abomination occupation whatever.

9. Russia and Iran would not allow America to dominate the world and impose a unipolar system through the continuation of direct aggression against Syria through the violation of international laws and work outside the framework of the United Nations, and would stand in the face of America with full force even reached what amounted to.

10. In response to this criminal aggression, we are allies of Syria, we will increase our support for the Arab Syrian army and the Syrian people in various ways.

The statement in Arabic can be read here: 


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